Youth Programs

It’s never too early to exercise and be healthy!
A mainstay of YMCA offerings for young people, youth sports and fitness fill kids’ discretionary hours with positive activities and caring adult attention. These programs emphasize teamwork and cooperation as well as developing good values.

Youth Indoor Tennis
Dave Kardas and Greg Sansonetti are Co-Directors of Your Serve Tennis. Both have vast experience in teaching and playing tennis and are members of USPTR & USPTA. Dave, Greg and their coaches bring their experience and enthusiasm to these great new classes. Teacher/student ratio is kept low to provide quality instruction.
Please provide your own tennis racquet.
Ages: 6 – 7yrs and 8 – 9yrs

Youth Indoor Basketball
The Y’s Youth Basketball program teaches boys & girls the fundamentals of the game, including dribbling, shooting, catching and passing, all the while having fun in a low key, non-pressure atmosphere.
Grade: K
Grades: 1 – 2
Grades: 3 – 4

Indoor Floor Hockey
Come join up with our floor hockey class and learn stick handling, passing and shooting. Get to know all the rules and play a game every week. Make sure to wear sneakers.
Grades: K – 2

Youth Paddle
Learn how to play Paddle Tennis with our local professional, Leslie Gambee. You will have a blast on the courts with your teammates while staying physically fit during the upcoming season!
Wednesdays: Now-2/7

Grades 3-5:
2:30 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Grades 6-8:
3:15 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

Flag Football
Grades K-2 Friday 4:30 – 4:45pm. Contact Mike Kazlauskas for more information at 762-8384 x277.

Riverbrook Regional YMCA Wrestling Program
The Riverbrook Regional YMCA wrestling program is designed to introduce children in grades K-2 to the fundamentals of amateur wrestling. The focus of each one hour session will be to teach the basic building blocks of wrestling technique. Folded into practice will be stretching and flexibility exercises and some very light conditioning drills. Each practice will focus on one major skill or position by using specifically designed games and simplified drills for the kids to master each skill. Specific moves and live wrestling competition will not be a emphasis of the program, though both elements will be included to a certain extent.The ultimate goal of the Riverbrook Regional YMCA wrestling program is for all of the kids to have a fun, safe, and rewarding experience by learning wrestling and, in the process, some important life lessons that will serve them well in the classroom and throughout their lives. Contact Mike Kazlauskas for more information at 762-8384 x277.

Vertical Adventures
This is an exciting program for boys and girls to join us on the ropes course for some team building, trust and communication activities, as well as plenty of opportunity to practice climbing skills on our outdoor climbing wall.
Note: Class size is limited to 10. Offered Fall and Late Spring sessions only.

Transylvania Soccer Camps (held at the Riverbrook Regional Y)
Boys and Girls ages 6 – 14
The Transylvania Soccer camp is committed to providing quality instruction in a fun-filled atmosphere. Our organizational goal is to have every player leave with better soccer skills than when they arrived. We hope they will continue to learn and be inspired by the knowledge and skills they acquire. Contact Mike Kazlauskas for more information.

Martial Arts / White Tiger Karate
The Y and White Tiger Karate combine Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo Karate, Ju Jitsu and Pankration under one roof. Ken Alba, the chief instructor of White Tiger is a 3rd degree black belt with over 14 years of teaching to his credit. Sparring will also be offered this fall for individuals with a yellow belt or higher.

Y Tiger Team
Be part of the Y’s Tiger Team and take unlimited martial arts classes!

Tae Kwon Do
Dr. Douglas DeMassa has created a specific fun martial arts program that is designed to promote the proper maturation and development of your child’s nervous system & brain as they progress through the belt system.
Classes Offered:
• Kindergarten Level
• Beginner/White Belt: Focuses on advancing coordination & balance, attention,
visual-spatial tasks, short-term memory, reverse logic and teamwork
• Intermediate/Yellow & Orange Belt: Focuses on attention with working memory tasks,
timing of motor skill, strength and flexibility and leadership skills
• Advanced/Green Belt: Focuses on working memory tasks in a sparring/self defense base,
strength and conditioning and motivational skills

Fall Extreme Gaga!
Learn how to play the game with a twist!  Gaga is a very active game that keeps you wanting to come back to play again!

Mondays    3:15pm – 4:15pm
4:30pm – 5:30pm
Members $45 Non-Members $60

Thursdays 2:30pm – 3:15pm
Members $35 Non-Members $50

Fridays       2:30pm – 3:15pm
Members $35 Non-Members $50

Contact Mike Kazlauskas for more information at 762-8384 x277.


Teen Pilates
It’s never too early to enjoy the benefits of a Pilate’s workout. Teen Pilates classes introduce participants to the five basic principles of the Pilates Method, teach the essential exercises that work in all planes of movement and create body awareness. This workout is a great way to develop skills and techniques to improve focus as well as teach students to listen to their bodies, a skill that is particularly of value in preventing injury in school activities and sports.
Ages: 13-17 yrs

Youth Yoga – NEW!! Now included in FAMILY memberships
We use movement, games, share circles, breath work and relaxation exercises to make this a beneficial, fun and noncompetitive experience. This type of practice, through play, can enhance strength and flexibility, improve coordination and posture, cultivate creativity and imagination, and enhance emotional balance through positive social interaction.
Ages: 7 – 9 yrs

Youth Strength Training – Included in FAMILY memberships
This program is designed to promote sound principles of flexibility, strength training, aerobic endurance and muscular conditioning. Emphasis is placed on proper form and technique as well as Fitness Center safety and etiquette. Intro to free weights, plyometrics, balance and agility training. Classes are taught by Certified Fitness Trainers.
For Boys and Girls ages 12 – 15 yrs

Preteen Fitness
A fun and beneficial class that offers a sampling of all group fitness activities that are popular in the fitness community. Included will be Step & Sculpt, Cardio Kickboxing, Circuit Training and more. Agility, coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise are all the focus of this class.
Ages: 9 – 12 yrs

Agility Zone for the Young Athlete
Can be a catered fitness program to a specific sport or just the common everyday young athlete. The young athlete will concentrate on flexibility, plyometrics, balance and agility. Can be taught in a group for a specific sport.
Ages: 8 – 16 yrs

Right Start for the Young Adult
A personal training package for the young adult. Includes 3 full nutritional sessions; 3 mini nutritional sessions / food planning and 6 personal training sessions with a certified personal trainer.
By Appointment only
Ages: 8 – 18 yrs

Fitness – Conditioning Camps
The Riverbrook Regional YMCA’s 3 hour Conditioning Camp is offered for the Athlete preparing for any sport .The program will run daily for 4 days. The camp includes specific sports training designed for the young athlete. Our program is geared toward both the experienced and not so experienced athlete to help them get in shape and boost their athletic performance while giving them the competitive edge against their opponents.

Along with conditioning and agility, this camp will focus on the five elements of sports training- stretching, proper running techniques, speed, core strength training as well as specific sports training drills designed to help young athletes have a competitive edge. A nutritionist will also be available to make recommendations for healthy “fuel” options for the athlete.
Each participant will receive an individualized workout based on the sport they play.

Dates Offered: School breaks and summer – see Class Times and Fees for current information.

Participants should bring water, snack, a light lunch and workout towel.
Additional information contact Mary Ann 203-762-8384 x282.

Dance Factory MORE INFO>

F.I.T. Program (Families in Training)
Prerequisite: • Teens must complete 5 personal training sessions or complete one session of youth strength training and pass the youth strength training exam in order to use the fitness center.

• Must be part of a Family Membership.
• A parent must accompany F.I.T. participants.

Teens can work out with their parents during our designated “F.I.T.” times. In order to participate in this program, teens will need a note from the Youth Strength Training coach or their personal trainer stating that the teen has successfully completed their program and demonstrates an understanding of proper weight technique and Fitness Center etiquette.

For a complete set of F.I.T. guidelines, please call Mary Ann Genuario at 203-762-8384 x282. 

14 year olds and up, with a FAMILY MEMBERSHIP, may use the fitness center (by themselves) once they have completed *youth training (5 personal training sessions or the Youth Strength Training class and pass a test). Please call Mary Ann Genuario for more information at 762-8384 x282.

Fitness Center Workouts for Youth

How it works… 14 yrs and up (with a Family Membership)

May Use the fitness center provided they have completed 5 personal training sessions or *youth strength training and pass a test.

Note: Youth in this age group DO NOT need parental support and can use the center as any adult member would (once they complete the requirements). 

Youth Strength Training is now included in Family Memberships!

12 – 13 yrs
Have access to the fitness center with a parent, after completing *youth strength training or 5 personal training sessions and pass a test.
Note: Parents MUST accompany the child (12 -13) and they must have a valid fit card and Family Membership. 

14 year olds may use the fitness center (WITH AN ADULT only) DURING FIT HOURS while going through the fit program. (5 personal training sessions or *youth strength training class)

Personal Training for Youth
Individual attention to meet the specific needs of your child.
Contact the Fitness Staff with questions or to schedule an appointment. 

Youth Fitness Birthday Parties
Leave the party activities to us! Plan your child’s next birthday party and incorporate a fun fitness theme, such as a Bosu Bounce party, Awesome Warrior Training party, or Obstacle Course Adventure.

Your party package includes: 
• ½ hour set up
• 1 hour program time including equipment, props, etc.
• 1 hour party time for cake, presents, etc.
• ½ hour cleanup time
• 1 or 2 Y specialists
Parents supply decorations, food and paper goods.

Member Fee: $295 for up to 10 children
$10 each additional child – 16 children maximum.

Non-member Fee: Prices available upon request.

To schedule a Fitness Birthday Party, contact the Health & Wellness Staff.
Obesity in kids
Healthy Weight and your Child

Obesity effects 17% of all children and adolescents in the United States-this is triple the rate from one generation ago. Today – one in 6 children are living with obesity and one in three are overweight.

Healthy Weight and Your Child (HWYC) is an evidenced based program that aims to empower children and families through education, healthy eating and physical activity to help families learn skills and behaviors to live a healthier lifestyle.

The yearlong program is designed for children ages 7—13 years of age with a body mass index of the 95th percentile or higher.

Children must have clearance from a health care provider or school nurse in order to participate.
A parent must attend all sessions. The program includes 16 weekly sessions followed by post core sessions for the remainder of the year.

Classes begin in the fall. If you would like additional information regarding the program, please contact Mary Ann Genuario-Director of Health & Fitness, Riverbrook YMCA, 203-762-8384 ext. 282.


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