Water Exercise

Included in your Y membership!
Pool workouts are a challenging, invigorating and safe way to stay in good cardio and muscular condition. The natural resistance of the water improves flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle strength in an aquatic environment that is non-impact and beneficial for joints. Water Exercise is a great option for cross training and for people with back, knee, or hip pain that is aggravated by traditional gym classes.

Water Shoes recommended for Shallow classes – Floatation Belts or Cuffs required for Deep classes

Arthritic Relief (25Y pool)
This non-clinical program provides a gentle range-of-motion workout to help people with arthritis improve joint flexibility and decrease pain or stiffness through the warmth, buoyancy and gentle resistance of an aquatic environment.
Non Member Fee: $5 drop-in

AM Wake-Up (25Y pool)
Morning combination of: Stretching, strength & cardio to wake up your body and help keep your muscles defined and functioning in proper working condition.

Py-Yo-Chi (25Y pool)
Integrating Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi movements in the water for a great core class.

Fit N Fabulous
Combining aquatic challenges in the warmer environment to sculpt and tone your body. A variety of equipment will be introduced.

SilverSneakers Splash (25Y pool)
Utilizing the physical properties of the water to enhance your: agility, range of motion, & cardiovascular conditioning. No swimming skills are required. Get wet, become stronger and meet new friends in the shallows. Non Member Fee: $5 drop-in

Intro to Deep (25Y pool)
A gentle introduction to exercising in deep water. Floatation will be used. It is not necessary to have swimming ability, however you must be comfortable in the water to participate.

Deep Definition (50M pool)
Provides a high intensity total body workout aimed to satisfy the exercise needs of fitness enthusiasts. All levels of fitness will be challenged.

Deep Core Challenge (50M pool)
Take your favorite aerobics class and add water! We promise to challenge every body part during this super workout.

Aqua Boot Camp (50M pool)
High intensity deep water work-out that combines cardiovascular, strength, abdominal and aerobic training. Fast powerful movements will be incorporated.

Peak Performance  (50M pool)
A non-weight bearing class offering ways you can utilize the water to bring out your best effort in sports and life. You will be challenged to work at your highest peak.

Hydro-Sculpt (50M pool)
A combination of cardiovascular exercise and core training designed to sculpt your body and develop dynamic strength for improved function.

Aqua-Blast (50M pool)
Harness the power of liquid resistance and get a blast of aerobic fitness. Guaranteed to build and tone core muscles in this challenging athletic workout.

H2o Dynamics (50M pool)
A mix of High vs. Low intensity intervals in the Deep.

Aqua-Teens (50M pool)
Age 12 to Adult. This fast-paced fun class offers a challenge regardless of fitness level. Flotation belts must fit and be worn by all participants.

Boot Camp Deep
Participants seeking a high intensity deep water workout will be challenged with this no-nonsense format created to enhance optimal physical fitness.  In this non-weight bearing environment,  the “fit” exerciser will be encouraged to push past the comfort zone.  This workout is not intended for low intensity levels.

Hi-Yo Power
High intensity sets with moderate intensity recovery.  Tabatta training to overload your body for increased anaerobic metabolism.  Designed so you can achieve a great workout and push your cardio limit to burn maximum calories.

H2o Rejuvenate (50M pool)
Join us in the shallows of the 50M pool to experience relief from: MS, Diabetes, Parkinson’s, or Stroke limitations. Pre and Post Natal, bad backs, weak hips & knees are also welcome. No swimming ability is required.  Benefits include: Increased flexibility and increased muscle strength gained by working in the gentle resistance of a shallow aquatic environment.

Program Class Description (additional fee)

Aqua Max
Aqua Max is a challenging workout designed to enhance your cardiorespiratory system as well as strengthen your core with comparable techniques of Pilates mat and Pilates reformer performed with modifications for an aquatic environment.

The class is taught by Seth Anne Snider-Copley,MS, RKT, CPT. Seth is an internationally recognized aquatic exercise specialist with the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and one of the 4 in the country to serve as the aquatic conditioning specialist to the United States Ski Teams in Boulder, Colorado.

This blend of Periodization training and Pilates repertoire has been developed specifically for the aquatic environment. This workout will place emphasis on core stabilization and kinesthetic awareness of keeping a neutral spine while challenging balance, coordination and peripheral strength in all planes of motion. In addition to the Pilates goals the participant will gain knowledge of individual heart rate zones and how to train and challenge ones functioning and performance.

Time: Friday’s from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM, Class is held in the 25 yd pool
(includes a heart-rate monitor)

Note: A minimum of 4 participants are required to hold the class.
Doctor’s permission is required.

Pre & Post Natal Water Exercise
Mon/Wed 11:00-11:45am
Note: A minimum of 4 participants are required to hold the class. 

Core Express
Are you looking for a great workout for toning your body during or after weight loss? Core express will utilize gloved movements designed to sculpt and define your core, with focus on Abs and Arms (muscle building). Additionally, diet and nutrition strategies will be shared.
Time: Thursdays, 11:15am – 12:00pm, Class is held in the 50M pool
(Gloves included in fee)

Note: A minimum of 4 participants are required to hold the class.


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Daily Rates/Guest Fees


Day passes may be purchased
for use of Y facilities. These fees
are not applicable towards
membership payments and do
not include class participation.
Adult: $20 
Child/Senior: $10

Non-Member Group Class
Drop In Fee
(Does not include
use of the facility)
All group classes: $20.00
Or $200 per 10-class card

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