New Mom Classes

• These classes are not included in membership.
• There are additional fees to participate.
• Make-ups and/or credits cannot be given for absences.
• For more information please call Mary Ann Genuario.

Pre and Post Natal Water Exercise

Prenatal Yoga
Yoga is truly ideal for pregnant women. When practiced mindfully, yoga increases flexibility, strength, circulation and balance. Many pregnant women find that regular yoga practice helps to reduce swelling, back and leg pain, and insomnia.

In a Prenatal Yoga Class there is a strong emphasis on body /mind awareness. .Prenatal Yoga honors not just the joys of pregnancy, but rather allows all feelings to be acknowledged in an environment of acceptance and support, a wonderful sense of community develops. The yoga practice also develops concentration, focus and reduces stress.

Stroller Moves
Socialize with other Moms as you bring back your pre-pregnancy shape with this fun, beneficial class. Babies will have the benefit of being with Mom and may choose to nap or take in the new surroundings while being moved through our spacious gym. Moms will not believe all effective exercises that can be done with baby and stroller.


Health & Wellness


Questions? Please Contact:
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