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White Tiger Karate
The Y and White Tiger Karate combine Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo Karate, Ju Jitsu and Pankration under one roof. Ken Alba, the chief instructor of White Tiger, is a 3rd degree blackbelt with over 14 years of teaching experience. Sparring will also be offered this fall for individuals with a yellow belt or higher.

Children/Teens/Adults: Class Times & Fees

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Y Tiger Team
Be part of the Y’s Tiger Team and take unlimited martial arts classes!

Tae Kwon Do
Dr. Douglas DeMassa has created a specific fun martial arts program that is designed to promote the proper maturation and development of your child’s nervous system & brain as they progress through the belt system.

Classes Offered:
• Kindergarten Level
• Beginner/White Belt: Focuses on advancing coordination & balance, attention,
visual-spatial tasks, short-term memory, reverse logic and teamwork
• Intermediate/Yellow & Orange Belt: Focuses on attention with working memory tasks,
timing of motor skill, strength and flexibility and leadership skills
• Advanced/Green Belt: Focuses on working memory tasks in a sparring/self defense base




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Mike Kazlauskas
Camp & Sports Director
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