How and When To Register Online for Classes

We want all our members to be active participants at the Y and take full advantage of all the wonderful class offerings available for adults and children alike. Online registration makes it easy to quickly check dates, times and fees, as well as sign up as soon as you decide which class is right for you.

Late Spring 2014
Session (8 weeks)

April 21 - June 14, 2014

Summer 2014
Session (8 weeks)

June 23 - August 16
Online registration begins
Monday, 6/2 for members
& 6/9 for everyone else.

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Due to our new software, in order to register and access your account you will need a credit card or password set up.  The password must be at least 7 digits long and include one upppercase letter and one number.
If you are a New or Non Member - when you are setting up a membership or registering for a class for your CHILD please enter your name first and then add your child. The accounts now require a primary or adult members information along with the childs. Also, if you are signing up for more than 1 childs membership you must do each child separately. Please do not put children under the same account unless it is for a family membership.

Apple Users - Having trouble registering?  Please click here and try again.

If you have questions about a class please call the director of the program and they will help you: 203-762-8384
Swim Team - Wahoo Office x290
Swim Lessons - Sarah Hagan x211
Sports & Gymnastics - Anne Cullinan x284
Fitness - Mary Ann Genuario x282
Camp - Aaron Britton x283
Membership - Michelle Wishna x222

Enrollment is automatic as long as a class has open slots. Every effort will be made to accommodate participants in the class of their choice; however, if a class is full, you are encouraged to put your name on the waiting list, as new classes are created whenever possible.

Online Registration
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Membership is a Must
Everyone must be a member to participate in Y programs. Those wishing to join as full members can do so online by clicking on Membership and then Enrollment Form. Full members pay the lower rate for classes and can register early. All others are Program Members who pay a short-term program membership fee of $25 that is included in the higher class rate. If you are a current member of the Y and your membership expires in the middle of a class session, you are responsible for renewing on time, or class participation will be forfeited. Contact the Membership Staff with any questions.

How to Sign Up Online for Classes and Programs
1. Click on Programs and then select which activity area you are interested in, such as Swim Lessons, Gymnastics.  If you have any questions as to which class is right for you or your child, contact the Staff Member listed in the right hand column.
2. Next, Click on the Program Tag you want.
3. When you have decided on a class, hit the + sign to show all classes.
4. Select the class and click on register. 

Cancellation and Refund Policies
If you want to drop a class or program that you have enrolled in, you must complete a change form at the Front Desk or click on the link below for a form and fax it back. If you cancel or change a program before the class starts, you will get a full Y credit. After the class has started there is a $20 office charge and the following applies: If you cancel or change a program within the first week of classes, you will receive a 75% Y credit, second week of classes a 50% Y credit. No credits will be given after the second week of classes, except for documented medical reasons. If the Y cancels a program for any reason, a full refund will be given. Classes that fall on a day the Y is closed will be made up.

Prorating & Late Registration Fee Policy
There is a $20 late fee if you sign up after a class has started. We will prorate up to the first two classes in a session.

Absences - Make-ups or credits will not be given for missed classes. If the Y cancels a class a make-up or credit will be given. Participants must have a doctor's note and the approval of the Program Director in order to make up classes missed due to prolonged illness.

Change Form>
Fax 203-761-9819

The Wilton Family Y does not provide accident insurance for injuries sustained during Y activities. Members participate in programs and use the facilities at their own risk.

Program Session Dates 2014 
All dates subject to change
Winter 2014 (7 weeks & 2 days)
January 2 (Thurs) - February 22, 2014                MLK Day 1/20 – Classes will run
Break Week February 2/23 – 3/2                          Feb 13, 14, 15 & 17 – Classes NOT running
Member Registration 12/16 – 12/22   
Registration opens to everyone 12/23 – 01/01

Early Spring (6 weeks)
March 3 - April 12, 2014    
Break Week April 13 - 20, 2014                            Spring Break 4/13-20 – Break week
Member Registration 02/17 – 02/23
Registration opens to everyone 2/24 – 3/2

Late Spring (8 weeks)
April 21 - June 14, 2014                                        Memorial Day 5/26 – Classes Not running
Break Week June 15 - 22, 2014
Member Registration 04/07 – 04/13
Registration opens to everyone 04/14 – 04/20 

Summer (8 weeks)
June 23 - August 16, 2014                                     Friday 7/4 – 7/5 Classes Not running
Break Week August 17 – 9/1                                  (2 weeks of maintenance)
Member Registration 6/2 – 6/8    
Registration opens to everyone 6/9 - 6/22

Early Fall (8 weeks)
September 2 (Tue) - October 25, 2014               Labor Day 9/1 – Classes NOT running
Break Week October 26 – Nov 2                          Rosh Hashanah 9/25 – Classes will run
Member Registration 8/11 – 8/17                       Columbus Day 10/13-14 – Classes will NOT run
Registration opens to everyone 8/18 – 9/1       10/13 but will run 10/14 (make up 10/27 for 10/13)

Late Fall (7 weeks)
Nov 3 - Dec 20, 2014                                               Election Day Tue, 11/4 – Classes will run
Break Dec 21 - Jan 4, 2015                                Thanksgiving 11/27 - 29 – Classes NOT running
Member Registration 10/20 – 10/26                    (school break 12/24-1/4/15)
Registration opens to everyone 10/27 – 11/2

All dates subject to change.

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Online Registration
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