Web 1Riverbrook Regional Y gymnastics programs emphasize Individual skill development in a safe, fun and supportive environment. While gymnastics is an extremely demanding sport, our coaching staff wants your child to have a rewarding experience and encourages children of all ages and ability to participate in our program.

Note: Gymnasts are required to come to class prepared in leotards, hair tied back securely, no jewelry and ready to work and have fun!

The Riverbrook Regional Y gymnastics program moved to a new Training Center located at 644 Danbury Road on the upper floor of the former Stand Firm Fitness building. The new Gymnastics Training Center offers greatly expanded space which allows for a permanent set-up for Y gymnastics programs and equipment.

Tiny Tumblers (parent/child class)
One or two coaches lead while parents interact with their children and teach them development skills utilizing all our equipment. An obstacle course is set up and toddlers learn very basic gymnastics skills, including rolls, jumps and balance.

Rollers 2.5 – 3.5 years old
Your little one will develop independence in this 45 minute class, while participating in games, songs, running, jumping, and increasing hand-eye coordination. Your child will learn a variety of developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills in a safe, kid-friendly, environment. After the first class we encourage you to drop off but the choice is yours.

Flippers 3.5 – 4.5
A little older than the Rollers, these students are starting to know the ropes and are ready to move on to bigger and better things. Although the skill differences are sometimes tough to see, it is the listening and directional skills that provide for a more advanced learning experience. As guided free play will start this class, many of the same gymnastics skills and concepts from previous level classes are used but enhanced, improved upon and perfected. Instructors will be working on the proper mechanics of rolling forward and backward, handstands, beginner cartwheels as well and the basic fundamentals on bars vault and beam. This class is also 45 minutes long.

Twisters 4.5 – 5 years old
In this 45 minute class we still have a guided free play. We will work on the fundamentals of gymnastics, correcting their form and technique. Your child will learn to develop and advance their gymnastics talents. This class is a step in to the world of gymnastics. Here they will challenge themselves to be stronger mentally and physically, more flexible and more determined!

Kindergarten 5.5 – 6 years old(must be in Kindergarten)
This 45 minute class is more structured and teaches the basic gymnastics skills. A more advanced level from the Twisters class. This class will have a dedicated stretch time and a minimal free play. An introduction to progressive gymnastics focusing on introducing the 4 events, Floors, Bar, Beam and vault.

Progressive gymnastics for ages 6–10
An hour long class that teaches the basic skills used in gymnastics in a fun and safe manner. Improving natural abilities of new and previously learned skills in an intimate group of children at the same ability level. Your child can learn easily, no matter what his/her ability is! Cartwheels, forward & backward rolls, donkey kicks, and bridges are some of the fun, basic gymnastics skills that your child will learn. Skills on the bars, beam, and vault will also be introduced. Your child will learn a variety of developmentally appropriate gymnastics skills in a safe, kid-friendly, environment.

Pre-Team Gymnastics
This program is for girls who are expressing a serious interest in gymnastics. Gymnasts entering this program should have some prior experience and will be evaluated by the coaching staff. Required skill include handstand, cartwheel, back bend and splits.

Note: Participants must be Full Y members.

Competitive Gymnastics Team

Pre-Requisite: Pre-Team Gymnastics
Join the fun and challenges of being part of a team! All competitive gymnasts will be evaluated by the coaching staff to determine individual level according to USAG compulsory guidelines. The Riverbrook Regional Y Gymnastics Team competes in levels 4 through 10 in both the YMCA and USAG competitions.

Note: Participants must be Full Y members.

Open Gym hours at the Gymnastics Center!
Monday & Thursday 12:00-1:00PM

Signs and symptoms of concussions
to each athlete and parent/guardian> 


Please call the gymnastics center 203-529-3636 if you have any questions or email

Gymnastics Class Policies
1. To prevent children from being distracted, parents and guardians must leave the gym area during class time. (Parents may watch the first and last class of each session)
2. Make-ups for classes missed because of illness, etc., cannot be scheduled due to full enrollment.
3. At least 3 participants are needed for a class to be scheduled.
4. Regular attendance is strongly recommended in order for children to make significant progress.
5. Make-ups because of gym closings or inclement weather will be scheduled during break week and/or other time designated by the Gymnastics Department.
6. Absences – Make-ups or credits will not be given for missed gymnastics classes. If the Y cancels a class a make-up or credit will be given.
7. Students must have a doctor’s note and the approval of the Gymnastics Director or Coordinator in order to make up classes missed due to prolonged illness.




Questions? Please Contact:
Tom Jagelka
Gymnastics Director

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