• Wow – my child gains confidence with the positive interaction of the counselor. This year, we were lucky to have the same counselor for 8 weeks of the 9 week program. To have that stability, leadership and guidance throughout the entire camp experience made this the best camp year ever.

•We love the Y camp – my daughter, who is 11, wants to work there and help younger kids. It is such a positive, happy environment, where you can try new things without fear of failure or judgment. My nine year olds counselor Chris was a great influence on my son – helping teach him how to throw a ball with confidence. When you child cries at the end of summer (both of mine did) because they will miss their counselors and their counselors are getting misty because they will miss your kids, you are doing something right.

• He’s in a safe place away from mom and dad which helps him gain independence and trust in his counsellors/teachers. He’s also exposed to activities he might otherwise not get to participate in and make new friends.

• My daughter tried many new activities, she gained confidence and pride, her counselors were excellent older role models.

• My children have attended this camp since they were both 6 years old. This year, was the first year for my oldest to attend Teen camp and it was the best summer camp ever! He tried new things, made more friends than ever even with kids older than himself and became more responsible and self-reliable. I saw him grow in ways I never have before this summer because of teen camp. He is already talking about it for next summer and then may be becoming a CIT to share with younger kids all of the things he has learned over the years.

• My daughter gained several positive roles models through camp, and she often discusses the counselors’ great attitudes and abilities. She also loved her group members, which encourages her to overcome her natural shyness.

• My son had a great time at camp. He looked forward to it every day and made new friends, while enjoying his counselors. He’s gone to other day camps for the last 4 years and this was hands-down his favorite. Because he loves it – it’s a great variety of summer activities and a fun way to make new friends. He loves the counselors he interacts with, and generally has a blast.

• Camp Gordyland is a stimulating, fun experience during long summer months. Comes home exhausted, but very happy every day.

• The program has a nice balance of things kids do often (swim, legos) and exposing them to new and different activities (archery, rock climbing). My child really felt like her group was a family.

• It is giving our kids the opportunity to try new and exciting activities, especially in teen camp. Their making new friends and enjoy the counselors.

• Making new friends and being exposed to kids from different age groups helps to mold personality

• My 9 year old daughter enjoyed her week at the camp. She met new friends and enjoyed her activities every day. I liked the way we had drop off and pick up knowing it was very safe. She has asked to attend it again.

• My son really enjoyed the program and liked the counselors who made him feel accepted.

• My daughter had such a bond with the CIT Director. The director gave her the proper guidance a 14 year old needs allowing her to have freedom within a structured environment. She supervised in a fun way and treated her with respect. My daughter took on responsibilities that I was surprised she enjoyed doing….(dressing as Gordy and handling the lunch cooler) Thank you for everything!

• Great counselors and fantastic event coordination at teen camp!

• My daughter loves this camp. She’d loves the activities and counselors. She looks forward to going every summer and cried when it is over.

• My son had an amazing experience at camp. His counselors were very patient with him, and they were able to get him to try new things.

• Counselors and staff exposed my child to things she had not seen or done before and gave her a great sense of independence and confidence. My 5 year old really matured during the program and her newfound independence and the friends she met did a great job preparing her for kindergarten.

• Gained confidence to be in a new environment on his own and create a new social place.

• Great to go and try new things and make new friends – enormous confidence builder!!!

• He was very excited to join camp, but he was able to do more physically than he thought he could when he started. He really wanted to learn how to swim while at camp and spent a lot of time on the weekends working towards swimming independently. It gave him the confidence to try new things and be involved in the group.

• I believe it is making an impact in our child’s life because he tends to be hesitant going into new situations – he is not the most socially inclined child and would rather be at home. With this camp, he learned from the support of his counselors he is welcome, no matter who he is or what one’s challenges may be. He made friends and felt good about himself. Couldn’t ask for more!

• I think it’s an introduction to confidence building activities and diversity.


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