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Afterschool Child Care

Grades K-7
Licensed Program

About Our Program

The Riverbrook Regional Y provides a positive and enriching environment for children during the after school hours.  Our Afterschool Program is a safe and inclusive place where your child may participate in both educational and recreational activities.  The Riverbrook Regional Y has the only CT State licensed afterschool program in Wilton serving K-7.  Afterschool child care runs from the time of school dismissal until 6:30pm and follows the Wilton public school calendar.

At the Afterschool Program, your children will grow and learn in a friendly and encouraging environment.  We pride ourselves on our inclusive atmosphere which allows our children the opportunity for social growth.  We promote self-confidence and physical and emotional growth in children through self-discovery, varied environments, physical activity, artistic development, quiet time and homework assistance.

Classrooms are divided into four age groups: Kindergarten, Juniors (1st-2nd grade), Seniors (3rd-5th grade) and Alumni (6th-7th grade).  Daily schedules and activities vary depending on the age group.  However, every classroom is provided with homework time and assistance, downtime to socialize with friends, and structure activities such as gym/outdoor time, team building, art & crafts, recreational swimming and Friday Clubs!

In order to accommodate individuals with special needs to the best of our abilities, we ask that you please contact Christina Foley, Special Need Coordinator at 203.762.8384 x207 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Counselors? We have a wonderful staff ranging from adults to high school students, with prior experience working with children.  All staff are required to go through a background check and mandated trainings including CT State licensing requirements, CPR, First Aid, administration of medication, mandating reporting, Positive Discipline practices, CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health), HEPA (Heathly Eating and Physical Activity), playground safety and other required continuing education courses.  We maintain a strict 1:10 ratio in each classroom.

How do they get to the Y? Your child will arrive on the public school buses and will be greeted at the front of the building by our staff.

Is snack provided? A nutritious snack will be provided each day as a part of your program fees.  Some of our healthy snacks are wide varieties of fruits and vegetables, low-fat cheeses and yogurts, all natural applesauce, no-sugar added canned fruits, pita chip w. hummus, rice rollers, turkey and cheese roll-ups, corn chips with fresh salsa, whole wheat pretzels, Garden Veggie/Terra brand chips and much, much more!

Can my child take Y classes if they are enrolled in child care? Yes! We will escort your child safely to and from class.

Is my child allowed to walk around the building alone? Never! Children enrolled in our program are not permitted to go anywhere alone, they will always to escorted by our staff.

Parent Testimonials

“As working parents, the YMCA Afterschool Program has proven to be both a reliable and comforting solution.  The staff members promote self-respect and mutual respect of others and conduct themselves as true example.”

“I have recommended the Riverbrook Regional Y after-school programs to anyone I can.  It has been so wonderful to have access to the extracurricular sessions that our son has been involved in from martial arts to tennis.”

“The directors are professional and unbelievably dedicated to enrichment and variety for the children.  I am forever grateful for the outstanding quality of care.”

“It gives me peace of mind knowing that my kids are at the Y after school each day.”

“The Afterschool Program at the Riverbrook Regional Y is an amazing place for fostering the development of our community’s youth.  As a single working parent, I would not hestitate for a moment to enthusiastically recommend and support the Riverbrook Regional Y Afterschool Program to the greater Wilton community”

“The program has provided my son with an opportunity to develop new friendships, to take advantage of the recreational and creative activities offered, and to grow as a student and a young boy with the support, guidance and consistent care of the Afterschool Program senior staff and counselors.”

Enrollment Fees

2017-2018 Info & Fees

*Child must be a member of the Y

**There is a $100 registration fee at time of enrollment

For availability or schedule a tour please contact the Afterschool & Teen Directors.


Child Watch Program – School Bus Drop-off Supervision
(Member Program)

Grades 1-6
Children 11 years of age or younger who take the school bus to come to a Y program and are not met by an adult when they arrive at the Y, must wait in a supervised area with a Y staff member until their class begins. Children can stay in Child Watch up to 1 hour per day. A Y staff member meets the bus and bring each child to a safe, quite room to do homework or read while waiting for class to begin. When the class time arrives the child will be sent to their program.

The Y is not responsible for making sure the child takes the correct bus. Children under 12 will NOT be allowed to get off the bus unless they are registered for Child Watch, Neighborhood Club or Kindergarten Enrichment. Parents are responsible for picking up their child on time when the Y program is over.

Note: Children must be Members and REGISTERED for Child Watch, and space is limited. All enrollment forms must be completed. Child Watch does not run on Wilton School Vaction Days or Holidays.

Child Watch Hours
1 x per week, 0 – 30 minutes
1 x per week, 30 – 60 minutes

2 x per week, 0 – 30 minutes
2 x per week, 30 – 60 minutes

3 x per week, 0 – 30 minutes
3 x per week, 30 – 60 minutes

Swim Academy, 2 x per week
Dance Factory, 1 x per week

Child Watch Registration Form
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Attendance Changes?
Call: (203) 762-8384 ext. 255
(leave a message)

Buses to the Wilton Y:
Miller/Driscoll - Bus 19
Cider Mill - Bus 33
Middlebrook - Bus 32



Kimberly Fejes
School Age Childcare Director
203-762-8384 x293

Andrea DiBari
Child Watch Coordinator
203-762-8384 x214
(leave a message)

Kim Murphy
Senior Director of Childcare &
Day Camp Programs
203-762-8384 x214

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